Website no longer loading, Privacy error / DNS issue, GoDaddy Domain, MDD Hosting

Hello all. I am having some issues. I will lay out everything in steps…

  1. Added a website and domain from Godaddy to MDD hosting. Had this website for a few months. I uploaded these files manually through cPanel.
  2. Made major changes to the site, found netlify, and decided to upload the new updated site to Github and then follow steps to set up DNS on GoDaddy.
  3. Was able to host my new site on netlify for about 12 hours with no issue after waiting for “propagation”. The site looked and functioned fine.
  4. Checked this morning and my site is now showing the design / files I had on MDD hosting cPanel ( not my code living on Github ).
  5. I contact MDD support and ask them to cancel my hosting using that domain, thinking that it would solve the issue and display my current design/code ( which are being pulled from my github repo).
  6. Step 5 only made the issue worse, and now I can not load my site at all and I am getting a “Your connection is not private” error, which is odd because I had set up SSL yesterday.

I am not sure why this is happening because I added the 4 DNS on godaddy and everything was working for over 12 hours, but then something happened. In fact, for a short time after MDD support ended my hosting service, the support agent said he was able to see my site fine, but then about 3 minutes later he was not able to see it.

I am not that new to coding, but I am somewhat new to hosting and I would just like to get some help and understand how to do this the right way so It doesn’t happen again.

Thanks in advance to all.

Can you share your domain name with us, and/or your GitHub repository?

2 Likes is the site URL. Sometimes its working, sometimes its not…

I want to add that after redeploying, it is working, but sometimes the site will be down completely. As of writing this, it is working but I am sure it will stop working again soon.

Yeah, it’s tough to troubleshoot intermittent problems. Your DNS does seem to have propagated, though, so that’s a good first step.

Have you noticed any difference in loading between and Netlify best practices recommends using the FQDN to take advantage of their CDN. Have you selected the www version as the primary domain in Domain Settings in your Netlify dashboard for this site, and set to redirect automatically to

It might be worth mentioning that when/if your site fails to load for you, you can sometimes check to see if it is a local issue (affecting you only), or something more widespread via tools such as,,,, etc. – anything that tries to reach your site from a different IP address than the one you’re using. IMHO, these work far better than traditional tools such as traceroute, especially for the situation you are seeing.

Wow thank you so much. I did not have www as my primary so I just changed that. Thanks for the heads up. Also, thanks for all the tips about checking if it is a local issue. I should have probably done things differently, but I am glad I got this all taken care of.

thanks for all the help, @gregraven!