Website falled to page 404

Hello. I tried to deploy my site on next.js - but I get 404 error.
Site URL:

On my another site I pointed publish directory to .next
BUT here I can’t do that - it sets slash sign before the directory (Publish directory
I can’t remove / before .next on the form, so I can’t point just .next folder

Also maybe it is connected with my domain records:
I created to records via guide:
CNAME www 3600
A @ 3600

@playerro You can try using the Deploy File Browser to get an idea of what files you’ve deployed.

I suspect it’s not what you think it is.

For example I can see you have these files:

Which matches the issue experienced by this other user here:

After rebuild output became the same as stage

Your website seems to load. The only error is here: Function details | Functions | Logs | aniwnet | Netlify

Your code is failing to fetch some categories of some sort.