Website does not appear in google

Hi netlify support & dear community,

I am struggling big time and I am at my wit’s end. Ive already built plenty of pages using Netlify and NEVER faced any issues indexing the page but right I have the following situation:

Custom domain is used for my netlify page setting the netlify nameserver in my IONOS DNS configuration for my domain.
As you can see the mentioned link/domain is working.
I set all relevant SEO tags for the individual pages (canonical, title, robots) and provided a sitemap in the google search console ( I also have a robots.txt (

If I check in google the indexed pages via “” I do find the index page listed, but my other two pages are missing. When using google directly and taking “hanna hamata” as a search I do not even find the website even though it should be found.

Further, I tried adding the other two subpages manually for crawling within the google search console (no issues when doing so) but they do not appear as indexed.

Does anyone have any idea? I really cannot tell why this is the case, so help is appreciated.

Hope someone has a useful idea what could be missing.


Hi @Simpel_Web :wave:t6: , to ensure Google indexes your website, you need to actively notify Google about it, given the vast number of websites online. This can be achieved through methods such as acquiring backlinks from other sites, registering your site with Google, providing a sitemap, and potentially setting up a Google Custom Search Engine page. However, even after taking these steps, it may still take several days for Google to crawl and index your site.

If you’re in a hurry, you could consider purchasing a Google ad to expedite the process, although it would require a financial investment or the use of Google’s ad coupons. Regardless of the method you choose, some effort is required to grab Google’s attention if you’re not willing to wait. Nonetheless this isn’t a netlify specific problem so i’d just wait it out

I’d suggest to check the crawl budget. Make sure Google isn’t limited from crawling your subpages.