Webmail Subdomain Record Directing

For a project I am a part of I made the switch from wordpress to vue and decided to use netlify to streamline development of the site and documentation as well as allow anyone else to edit the code as well. I made the change back in December and enjoyed it until I got to DNS routing.

Before the migration to netlify we had the website, mail server, and a subdomain for web mail all hosted on my own server. After the migration only the main site worked. After following what I knew, or at least what worked for me in the past, and confirming with the docs and the Receive email from domain topic, I was able to get both the site and actual mail routing set and working.

The issue I am still having, which has caused me to switch back and fourth from hosting myself, is that I can not figure out how to direct the webmail subdomain to the actual webmail client on my server. So the main site is good, and email works, but I would like to have the sub domain webmail.examplesite.com point to the actual webmail server.

How would I go about doing this, any help would be greatly appreciated! :pray:

I recommend creating a DNS record of either type A (IP address) or CNAME (domain name) for the webmail server.

Type CNAME if you are redirecting to a different domain name (because the IP address can change - like with Netlify site subdomains) or type A if you are redirecting to an IP address.

Let’s take the type A record as an example. If the IP address of the actual webmail server is then the record might look similar to this:

webmail   3600  IN  A

Another way this record might appear (a format which includes the bare domain itself in the record) is:

webmail.examplesite.com.   3600  IN  A

If there are other questions, @Longshotpro2, and/or if this solution doesn’t work as promised please let us know.

Thanks for the reply! I have had the CNAME set for some time now and it does not work. However, I added the A record so I’ll give it 24-48 hrs to make sure it isnt just being slow and will go from there.

I’ll keep you update, @luke, thanks!