WebAssembly.instantiate is slow in Netlify functions

I am working on using WebAssembly in Netlify functions.

The problem is that it takes about 24s for WebAssembly.instantiate to finish, exceeding the 10s limit of timeout.
I confirmed the duration (24s) by using it as a background function. I wrote console.logs before WebAssembly.instantiate and in the then-clause of it to measure time. However, I want the function to be a non-background one since I want to return the result of the function to the client side.

The size of the .wasm file is about 9MB. It is a sheet music library called webmscore (GitHub - LibreScore/webmscore: MuseScore's core library (libmscore) in WebAssembly! Read mscz data, and generate audio/MIDI/MusicXML/SVG/PNG/PDF sheets right in browsers.).

In the local environment (Netlify dev in Windows 10), it takes about 5s. In the client side (Chrome browser), it takes less than 1s. Is it normal for the instantiation to take such a long time in Netlify functions? Is there any way to make it faster?

site name: https://sage-valkyrie-8fdb30.netlify.app

Thank you!

As mentioned in the helpdesk, based on this: javascript - webassembly load time is too long - Stack Overflow, you should not be using instantiate anymore.

Thank you for your reply.

Although instantiateStreaming seems to be more efficient, it cannot be used in node.js according to
https://developer.mozilla.org/ja/docs/WebAssembly/JavaScript_interface/instantiateStreaming .

I tried console.log(WebAssembly) and the result did not include instantiateStreaming (same as https://nodejs.dev/en/learn/nodejs-with-webassembly/).

I wonder whether there is any alternative.

Anyway, the size of my WASM (9MB) seems to be big, so I will try to reduce it.