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Wagtail deployment/build to complement static Hugo website


Arguably this can be categorized as a wagtail problem, but if you think it’s intriguing/can steer me in the right direction please feel free to continue reading.

I have a website deployed via Netlify that I built with Hugo. The github repository can be found here. To complement this website I’ve built a wagtail-resume, which is a PDF I want to be able to link to from my website.

To deploy the wagtail-resume to Netlify I’ve used the following repository, which enables deployment of wagtail to Netlify.

I think I managed to configure most things as instructed as I was able to build via the wagtail-netlify repository using a build-hook. But I can’t find the PDF on my website, so clearly I’ve missed out on something. Is it possible to combine the static Hugo website which builds from my github repository with a wagtail-resume which I build via the CLI?

I would like to have it at e.g Resume - Olof Josefsson or something similar.

Any ideas/tips on how I can proceed? If it would be of interest I can create a public variant of the repository I’ve used to publish the wagtail-netlify project.


Could you link us to that site? Your current account seems to have only 1 which is your Hugo one.

This seems like some kind of a hacky configuration, but it’ll be interesting to see to get it to work. If you can share the site name or ID, we can relate your words with what’s happening on the site. Specifically the part where you say:

Thanks for you interest @hrishikesh!

Here is the repository in which I created my wagtail resume.

If I understand your second request correctly, the site that I’m working on/with is: https://www.olgj.org/
If the site ID is easier to work with: “5e008be0-ebcd-4765-a7d9-9a0b784a2ef9”


What I meant in my request was that, I’d like the URL of the website on which you currently have the Wagtail thing.

If I’m not wrong, the URL you’ve shared it that of your website and not something built by Wagtail, or is it?

I wish I had it, but I have only been able to view it via localhosting, after I used the build hook I don’t know how to find it.

Yes that is correct.

Unfortunately, GitHub - tomdyson/wagtail-netlify: Wagtail <3 Netlify only works with CLI version <= 2.x. I’d highly recommend against it.

I think your safest bet is to host the resume somewhere else where it can be hosted without this additional configuration and in Netlify, you could add a rewrite like:

/resume https://your-resume-link.com/ 200!

That would go in _redirects file and you can show your resume at https://www.olgj.org/resume

I see, I’ll look to use something else. Thank you very much for your help!