How to deploy site from Netlify via FTP?

I have a Hugo based site, which is deployed automatically from Github to Netlify, but I would like to deploy it also via FTP to a classic webhosting.

hi there, probably the easiest way is to build the site locally, and then upload the generated files manually to your other webhost using FTP.

Does that sound like it might work?

Hi @plaidshirtakos ! :wave:
Which hosting provider do you use ?

Hello @amalik ,
it is a local, small hosting company. My question is about automatic build of site and deployment via FTP after each modification on GitHub repository.

Hi, @plaidshirtakos. Netlify doesn’t deploy to other services.

There is no FTP program available in the build image so it isn’t possible to deploy from the build outside of Netlify at this time. Our automated deployments are only to our own CDN.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.