Vue (Gridsome SSG) site all of a sudden not loading any API content after recent Netlify changes

My Gridsome (VueJS, Gatsby-like) site was working fine last time I worked on it (this past weekend) but now after all of the Netlify changes/upgrades, my images and content are not loading. If you look at the link below, you will see the images never leaving the blur state, presumably because the resource isn’t coming back from the CDN in the expected way. The same thing is happening with the text content on individual product pages (such at this one:

  • I looked at the network tab in devtools, and here is the result for the header image, which is obviously just the blurred version and not the one that is supposed to come back from the CDN:

  • there are no build errors, but I am getting a new console error in devtools: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘}’

  • site is

  • I did a search and looked at common issues, found nothing that applies (unless I missed something)

Any help or direction to the correct research would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

So the images thing was “fixed” by using regular img tags rather than g-image tags, which are basically the same thing as Gatsby processing images with sharp (different responsive sizes being created, etc.)

The text content from my API is still not working as of this latest Netlify update, however.

Also, Netlify identity widget no longer works. I hit a button that used to successfully call to get the modal, and now it goes nothing :confused:

Thank you for your time.

OK, nothing in our service changes would have affected which tag types your code uses, so I guess the blame for that one is probably not on our service changes :slight_smile:

Could you explain how to reproduce the remaining text API problem so we can see it in action?

Re: identity widget, how do you include and use it? We can’t really help debug your source code but we can advise on use patterns and the way most folks use it is not to have a button, but to include the script file in their main page, and it gets automatically activated by the invite link (and otherwise is invisible). You can have it always-open on the gated page (e.g. /admin/index.html). Customizing beyond that is certainly possible, but Netlify’s team won’t be able to provide in depth tech support on that…