Product Pages and Images Not Loading Properly after moving to @netlify/gatsby-plugin

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We recently changed our build plugins from netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache to @netlify/gatsby-plugin to help resolve some issues where users on certain browsers were getting cached (and thus broken) versions of the site rather than updated site with updated data.

In the process, now for even more browsers on more devices the page is cached and thus broken. If the site is opened incognito is loads as expected.

Can you please help?

We don’t know what do to, what needs to be updated for fixed. Whether its our heading settings or something with the plugin.

Here is a video of what users are experiencing:

A user confirmed on MacOS Chrome that old versions of the site are still being served. Error The result of this StaticQuery could not be fetched indicates an old version of the site. Since Gatsby v5, StaticQuery has been deprecated and the codebase replaced all instances with the useStaticQuery hook.

Hi @Michael_Yuasa, I don’t see any site with the domain: on Netlify. Is that the correct domain?

The domain is being pointed to Netlify DNS servers, being deployed to

Thanks for following up! I’m seeing the root path for the site loading up properly on my end; are some of your users still seeing missing or old content? I unfortunately don’t have permission to view the video link you provided.

This behavior will sometimes occur if you have a service worker installed on the site (via gatsby-plugin-offline or otherwise), which might be serving the old cached content.