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Very long build after update to next 10.2 or next 11

Hello everyone!
We use nextjs + prismic in our project and deploy everything on netlify (by using netlify plugin nextjs). Now we’re trying to update next. Firstly, we tried to update to next11, the number of files has doubled and build time increased from around 6mins to 30mins. We noticed warning on netlify, that next11 wasn’t fully supported, so we updated to next 10.2 (to get at least font optimization), but the issue with build remained.
What can we do in order to decrease build time?

Hi there, @alisakova :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out! Sorry to hear you are encountering issues, and thanks for sharing some of the steps you have worked through already. Did you see any open issues on the netlify-plugin-nextjs repo that also address this?

Could you please share your Netlify site, your public repo, and your most recent deploy log? With a bit more information we will be able to dive into this further.