Nextjs v12 to v13 - build time increase

I have just updated my first project from NextJS v12 to 13. I have held off on doing this because there were a ton of bugs and issues when version 13 was first released.

I was able to push the site live with no problems but noticed that my build times have just about doubled. We went from a 1min20sec average to closer to 2min50sec average. This is an an site with around 80 pages and medium level functionality.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues when upgrading? It was my understanding that V13 would actually speed up build times not slow them down.

I’ve responded to this in the helpdesk, but TL;DR for others who might end up finding this thread:

In @dana-blackbean’s case, their Next 13 build step just the build, the section that we log as follows:

takes 1 min 48 seconds as compared to Next 12 that takes just 47 seconds.

Since this is not some time controlled by Netlify and the build stage is something that is entirely controlled by user’s code and framework, we cannot check/comment about the difference. If this was some time induced by Netlify (for example for fetching cache, preparing the repo, completing the deploy, etc.), that’s something we can advise about.

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Okay that makes sense! Thanks @hrishikesh for the reply.