Verify domain ownership for production domain


My Netlify site name is I’m trying to set up a CNAME for to my Netlify domain, but am facing issues as Netlify says the domain or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team. I’ve read the instructions in this support guide, and I would like help to conduct a manual domain ownership verification for

Hi Netlify support staff, I’ve added the required TXT record as shown below:

Please help me to verify the domain’s ownership so that I can proceed with using my production domain. Thank you very much!

This should now be usable.

Hi @hrishikesh, thanks for the response!

Strangely, it seems that I still can’t add as a custom domain. When I click on add custom domain and enter my domain, it says it is already registered via another registrar (which is correct, see screenshot 1). But when I follow the instructions and click on “Add subdomain”, it goes back to the same error message, saying that “custom_domain or one of its subdomains is already in use by another team on Netlify” (see screenshot 2).

The domain is managed centrally by my organization, and various subdomains have been delegated out to other DNS providers as independent DNS zones. There is probably another team using some subdomain of on Netlify DNS, which would explain my error message. I’m wondering how I should resolve the situation in such a case?

Hi @hrishikesh, I’m not sure if you saw my previous reply, but just bumping this up for your attention as I need to get the custom domain up as soon as possible!

I’m only seeing on another site. But, that should not be causing issues. I think I’ll have to ask the devs if something has changed about this, because adding subdomains in two different accounts was definitely possible before.

Hmm I see…thanks for the information. If it’s possible please do help me to ask the devs and update me on what can be done to resolve this issue, as I’m under some urgency to complete this task. Thank you!

This should now be resolved for you.

I’ve verified that the issue is resolved, thanks very much for your help!

Glad e could be of help! thanks for coming back and confirming your issue was resolved.