Using netlify to manage domain, unable to redirect subdomain offsite - ssl error


My main site,, is hosted on Netlify, and I manage all DNS settings through Netlify due to limitations with my registrar. The subdomain in question is news.kenny, which I recently changed from beehiiv. I’m attempting to redirect this subdomain to my main site,, as I have updated my content structure, and the previously linked pages are now inaccessible.

Despite adding the subdomain and configuring the CNAME as an alias, I’m unable to set up any temporary redirects or direct the subdomain to It seems like the alias is preventing me from making the necessary redirect adjustments.

Within production domains, I see it listed as a domain alias, but can’t change it?

Ideal scenario is redirecting links as I want → x
Navigating 2024: Martech Innovation Trends, Startup 2023 Report, GAI → y

However, I’ll take just a plain redirect of all requests at least to my main domain

Apologies, was trying to write quickly

This is not the correct method.

Instead of adding a CNAME, you need to assign as a custom domain to your site. Once you have done this navigating to should show the same content as the main site. To then redirect anything on that subdomain to your main domain you configure a redirect e.g.    301!*    301!
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