Using Netlify for Web Hosting and Gmail for email on same domain?

Hi, I’m not sure if this is a Netlify issue but it seems possible so thought I would post here. I’m also not very knowledgeable about DNS, Name servers etc. etc. so struggling.

I host a website ( through Netlify, which I purchased from IONOS. I followed a tutorial to set up the Name servers etc. to get the website up on Netlify and everything worked smoothly, happy days!

However, recently I’ve been trying to set up an e-mail account on IONOS using the same domain ( and connect it to an existing g-mail account. Again, following tutorials, I get everything set up but don’t receive any e-mails to verify it on either gmail or IONOS WebMail. I can send e-mails from the address fine through WebMail but not receive any.

Is it possible that changing the Name servers to Netlify is the reason I can’t receive e-mails, or have I messed something else up along the way?

Apologies if this isn’t a Netlify issue, thanks for reading!


Welcome to the forums @AlexH

Without knowing the domain it is hard to check things and give definitive answers, however…

Reading your post I believe you are now using Netlify DNS for the domain, meaning you have set the nameservers to those specified by Netlify (e.g. Is this correct?

You might find [Support Guide] How do I migrate a domain to Netlify DNS with zero downtime? and also [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain? provide very relevant information in this case.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to reply.

Hi, thanks for the reply @coelmay !

Yes, I changed the nameservers to be the example you mentioned.

The domain is if that helps at all :slight_smile:

There are no MX (mail exchanger) records visible for (see here.)

The second support guide shared previously shows how to add these to Netlify DNS.

Hi, @AlexH. This support guide below, specifically the section about email not working, has more information about this:

​Please let us know if if there are any questions that support guide doesn’t answer.

@coelmay @luke

Thanks both for your help! I just needed to add the MX records from IONOS into my Netlify DNS settings and e-mails started coming through :slight_smile:

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