User Not Found for NetlifyCMS with Academic Hugo Site

Hi – I’ve just set up a Hugo Academic website using this tutorial:

I am the only user and my github and netlify accounts both have the same email (Gmail account) as my email. However, when I go to the /admin/ site and click “Log in with netlify identity” I am not sure what to do. I didn’t have a netlify password, as far as I knew. It kept saying ‘user not found’ when I requested a password reminder. So, I changed my netlify password, logged in and out several times, and the /admin/ site is still saying ‘user not found’. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Your Netlify credentials and your NetlifyCMS credentials are two separate things. Assuming you’re using git-gateway as a backend, you’ll have to register through the signup tab of the identity widget or through the Netlify Identity UI:

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Thank you for the quick reply! After looking more the documentation, I saw that even though I owned the site, I needed to go to the Identity tab in netlify and invite myself. After I did that, it worked!

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