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Uploading New Files in Deployment

Hi I have a site online with a custom domain. However, I am doing a redesign and I am planning to upload this new set of files via a new deploy. In other words simply dragging and dropping all my assets and html file straight from my desktop to the deploy of my site. Would this in anyway affect that custom domain?

Is it better if I completely delete the site and upload the new set of files then what would be my next step? Transfer the domain name?

I’m a bit new to using netlify and I would appreciate your solutions and patience, thank you.

Hi @xkevan19

If you have a site deployed on Netlify already, you can deploy a new version to it and all domain settings will remain the same.

If you are deploying using drag and drop, do the following:

  • In the Netlify UI, select you site from the Sites
  • In the top navigation select Deploys
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and drop your folder to the drop zone

If you wish to test everything is working before making your site live, before uploading your new site you can lock the current site by selecting Stop auto publishing first. This will allow you to upload your new site, check it out via a deploy preview, then when you are happy with it, publish it.