Updating a lot of sites to the new Ubuntu image

We have a lot of sites in W3C Team and have been notified that the old Ubuntu image they are using will become unsupported and we should change.

How can I script it as I don’t want to go click crazy on them all - life’s too short :slight_smile:



This worked like a charm for me:

Fantastic - thanks for quick answer - I was hoping there was an API :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @tomrutgers :raised_hands:! Let us know if you have further questions, @slim

Ah, gonna have to alter is as needs to be done for a team I’m a member of not my account or other teams i’m a member of. Not too difficult though

So it turns out Team name and account_name are the same thing. Works a treat.

Yep, I’ll put in a PR to update the readme. If you don’t know your exact team id (had the same problem, spelling matters), you can simply list it with netlify status.

CC @jlengstorf


I guessed / hoped and ran the list version of the command which showed the sites I wanted and listed my team in the account field. :slight_smile: