Update on availability from Russia

My first experience working with a Russian speaking company, migrating one of their websites to JAMstack + Netlify. This website focused on Russian audience, so while reading support forum – I noticed that Netlify had availability issues with Russia in the past.

So I decided to double-check if there is anything left to be concerned about.

We used ping-admin.ru service to check availability through different regions and providers. Exact url for a service would be here -> https://ping-admin.ru/index.sema

Managed to get couple of tests for free from that service. And while in overall, Russia and Ukraine coverage seems good, a couple of outliers constantly appeared.

A couple of small regions in Russia still don’t have access to a netlify based site.

Perm, Petrozavodsk and Rostov-on-Donu.

To be frank, don’t have any other means to deny or confirm data provided in these reports. So I’m just sharing these findings here. Maybe anyone else has more info on a matter?

The number of ‘unable to view a Netlify site from within Russia or Ukraine’ tickets and posts dropped to a consistent zero after our efforts back in May :partying_face:!

I’d be tempted to assume that the third party which you’re using is experiencing issues in these PoPs.