Server nodes in Russia causes issues on firewalls in Sweden

We have an issue with the use of russian nodes when in nothern Sweden.

Our client is working with municipal organizations in all of Sweden and Norway, and they often have a geo-lock on their firewalls that prevent them of visiting russian sites. In the south of Sweden the closest server node is in Germany, but when in northen Sweden the usage of a Russian node to serve the site causes an issue as it detects the site as “russian”. Is there any way to force the site to skip Russia or force them to the German node? We are within the free plan as for now.

Hi, @yollyflopp. I wanted to let you know that I’m looking for a way to do this. I think this is a feature request (meaning, it isn’t possible to control the CDN nodes used manually at this time) but I’m checking with the rest of the team to be sure.

We (the Netlify support team) will post another update here as soon as we have more information.

Hiya @yollyflopp and thanks for your patience while we researched. As Luke thought, this is not possible today - we have Russian CDN nodes to make our CDN available in Russia (cf Access to Netlify sites from Russia and Ukraine), which it otherwise wouldn’t be due to shall we say political reasons (in Russia).

We do have a feature request open to change this behavior - in essence, make a switch you could flip to choose availability in Russia or never using Russia - but the team hasn’t started work on it yet and may never depending on a variety of factors. However, if we do, I promise that we will definitely report back in this thread!

Hey all,

We’ve made some changes to our routing and, as of now, Russia should only be serving traffic which derives from Russia :tada:! Do let me know if you see anything to the contrary.