Unexpected behavior when redirecting using Google Chrome

Hi there

My Netlify site is: todo today (todotoday0.netlify.app)

My reset password feature works as follows:

  1. After submitting the registered email address. An email with a link to recover the password was sent successfully to the email address. (No issue at this step)

  2. When the user clicks on the link, the user will be redirected to a page to update their password. This is when the issue occurs:

2.1. If the user uses Microsoft Edge, it works fine. The user will be redirected to the expected route (i.e., todo today)

2.2. If the user uses Google Chrome, the user will be redirected to the homepage (i.e., https://todotoday0.netlify.app/) route instead of the expected route (i.e., todo today).

Thank you for your help

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Some browsers react differently to different methods. You can look up the way you are redirecting the user with caniuse.com to see if Chrome supports the action you are using. Another option would be to use a fallback method if the user is using google chrome.