Unable to use netlify-cli to initialize new site

After globally installing netlify-cli and using netlify init I get a message saying:

No git remote was found, would you like to set one up?
It is recommended that you initialize a site that has a remote repository in GitHub.
This will allow for Netlify Continuous deployment to build branch & PR previews.
For more details on Netlify CI checkout the docs: Build configuration overview | Netlify Docs

I double checked everything, but there is a remote, I already pushed multiple times, I even made the visibility change for the repo to be public instead of private but it keeps giving me the same message.

Hi @givenah, kindly make use you are logged in with your correct account when using Netlify CLI while trying to link a site.

Automated setup

For repositories stored on GitHub.com, you can use Netlify CLI to connect your repository by running the following command from your local repository:

netlify init

In order to connect your repository for continuous deployment, Netlify CLI will need access to create a deploy key and a webhook on the repository. When you run the command above, you’ll be prompted to log in to your GitHub account, which will create an account-level access token.

The access token will be stored in the Netlify CLI config.json. Your login password will never be stored. You can revoke the access token at any time from your GitHub account settings; however, this will disable continuous deployment on all sites that were configured with that access token.

Also make sure you follow the instructions above on how to use netlify init
The quoted text above is from the Netlify CLI documentation page at Get started with Netlify CLI | Netlify Docs

Let me know the outcome.