Unable to start Stackbit devserver after setting up configuration file in Windows

I followed the steps in this link Netlify Create Configuration | Netlify Create Docs to set up Stackbit for NextJS + ContentfulCMS. After adding the stackbit.config.ts file, I executed the command “stackbit dev” to start the Stackbit dev server but got the following error:

Does it work in WSL? It would most likely work considering there’s something wrong with Windows-specific paths.

Hi! Did you ever figure out the issue and fix the problem? I ran into the same problem today and haven’t been able to figure it out. Thanks!

The problem is with the Windows path characters. After installing WSL2, I could start the Stackbit dev server locally.

It is working fine. But kindly provide a workaround for Windows (without WSL).

What’s the version of the Stackbit CLI you’re using?

This is actually fixed in the latest version. Could you try updating?

Thanks for the information. It is working in the latest version. I’m facing the mentioned issue upon setting up the example project mentioned in the documentation.