Unable to see form submissions

I used this tutorial to create an deploy a portfolio site - How to Build a Portfolio Website with React

I am unable to see any forms submitted to my site (cajones.netlify.app). I enabled form detection without any issues and I’ve tried submitting a response as a test a few times, but I am still not seeing the submissions in the Forms section.

I tried adding screenshots of my form section of the Contact.js file and my index.html file, but as a new user, I can “only add one embedded media file to a post” and I wasn’t sure which screenshot would be preferred. But please let me know if you need to see either of these pages to help me!

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

@Christine1302 Are you able to link to the site or repository you’re working from?

This is the github repository I’m deploying from. GitHub - Christine1302/CAJones: Portfolio-style website for Chris "CA" Jones (Drummer, Actor, Author

@Christine1302 Performing your npm run build locally and then npx serve -s build, when I submit the contact form I can see that it’s causing the page to submit as a GET request:

Which obviously isn’t correct, considering you have a handleSubmit function that’s trying to perform a POST.

Which reveals that you’ve missed the instruction in the tutorial concerning adding an onSubmit={handleSubmit} attribute to the form.

To handle submission of the form, we will add the onSubmit prop to it. The function that will be called, handleSubmit , will make a post request to the endpoint “/” with all of our form data.

So the ultimate reason you cannot see the form submissions, is because they aren’t actually being submitted at all.

When you’re pressing submit currently the form is performing default behavior and not calling your handleSubmit function.

Fix by adding the attribute so your handleSubmit function is called.

Ahh, I got it. Thank you so much!