Unable to Load Site with Custom Domain on Netlify

Dear Netlify Support Team,

Issue Description:
I recently purchased the custom domain “kaiblue.xyz” through [Name of the Domain Registrar]. Following the purchase, I updated the DNS settings to point to Netlify as instructed in the Netlify documentation. However, despite configuring the domain correctly, the site is not loading when accessed through “kaiblue.xyz.”

Domain Details:

  • Custom Domain: kaiblue.xyz
  • Netlify Subdomain: [Your Netlify Subdomain, e.g., kaiblue-netlify-app]

DNS Configuration:
I have added the necessary DNS records, including a CNAME record pointing to my Netlify subdomain, and I have confirmed that the DNS settings have propagated.

Steps Taken:

  • Checked Netlify Dashboard for correct custom domain configuration.
  • Verified DNS settings with [Domain Registrar].
  • Allowed time for DNS propagation.

Error Message:
When attempting to access the site using the custom domain “kaiblue.xyz,” I am encountering This site can’t be reached

Your site loads fine:

This is no longer accurate as the domain is now using Netlify DNS.

I am able to access the kaiblue.xyz using Cloudflare or Google public DNS however my IP has blocked kaiblue.xyz with the following message:

We blocked this website because it may contain malicious content and could be harmful to your devices.

Thank you for all of your help!