Unable to load favicon on my site

Here is my site address: https://soumya-ranjan-sahoo.netlify.app/

I want to use a custom favicon for my site. Could you please point me to the appropriate directory and help me understand the associated path for loading the favicon?

Additionally, I would also like to try favicons with emoticons. How could I do that?

Many thanks!

The Wowchemy docs have the information you require

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@jasiqli Nice work on the generator tag snooping :grinning:


How did I not think to do that!?!?!?!? :man_facepalming:

Unfortunately @nathanmartin I took the harder route of finding the git repository to see that it is build using Hugo/Wowchemy. I’m such a n00b! :woozy_face:

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Haha, I only noticed it because I had to investigate to figure out how on earth you had determined the platform.

Although on a second look, I can see that it does advertise itself in the footer.

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Oh yeah!

Complete with utm_campaign link too!

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Hi, I tried following the instructions as described in 7 steps to customize a Hugo theme for your website but unfortunately, it still doesn’t work for me. Any hint?
I added an icon.png file in the assets/media directory but it didn’t work.

Haha thanks @jasiqli & @nathanmartin for the detective work :joy:
@soumya-ranjan-sahoo If you could give more details in your post then we all could help you solve this a lot faster but hats off to @jasiqli for the effort :netliheart:

The best way to troubleshoot things like these is to compare your local build with what Netlify has deployed online. You can download that here:

Ensure the favicon file is there and in the correct directory

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Upon a quick check and downloading the deployment, I don’t see any folder asset/media and the icon.png file anywhere.

How could I resolve this now?

Many thanks!!

@soumya-ranjan-sahoo Are you performing a build?

If so, what “site builder” are you working with?

What do you have your “deploy folder” set to in Netlify’s build settings, or in your netlify.toml?

To be deployed by Netlify, you need to ensure that the file ends up within the folder that is deployed.

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