Unable to Link Custom Domain from SquareSpace to Netlify

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. My Netlify site is buyboxinsights.netlify.app. I am encountering a problem with linking my custom domain, purchased from SquareSpace, to my Netlify site and could really use some help.

To provide a bit more context, I was able to configure the DNS to have www.buyboxinsights.com up and running (still has a problem with the certificat httpS), but I’m struggling to get buyboxinsights.com to work. I’ve attempted to use the CNAME record and the A record, but neither method has been successful.
It’s the first time I’m using SquareSpace to buy a domain.

Moreover, when I try to add the domain to Netlify, I encounter the following error message: “A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS.”

I am not entirely sure how to proceed from here and would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance on how to properly configure the DNS on SquareSpace to have my primary domain functional.

Thank you in advance for your help and looking forward to resolving this issue.

Best regards,

I’m not seeing buyboxinsights.com being connected to any Netlify site. What Netlify site is this about?