Unable to deploy without manually clearing cache and deploying

Since this morning, 9am 2nd Feb 23, none of our deployments are working unless we manually go into Netlify and click the button to ‘clear cache and deploy’.

We have no errors building locally on developers machines.

We have no issues when we push to a branch and it builds from the hook that’s called from Github.

We have a job that runs a build and publish every 15m, these are failing. This means that our CMS editors, cannot publish their content without the involvement of the developers who can access Netlify to manually kick of a build by clearing cache.

We’ve tried to deploy new package files, in case there was a problem there, but other than that, there has been no code updates since this started.

It randomly started this morning and we’ve not had the problem before.

Please advise. Thanks!

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Hi @boringmoney :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums! Can you please share your site name/slug. I can’t seem to locate your account then I can look into this.

Site name is…


And an example of one of the many failed builds…


Only the builds that are manually kicked off by clearing cache and deploying, will build successfully. This suddenly started yesterday morning, after working fine.



Anyone? We’ve got no errors to debug - its causing us a major headache now. Local builds are fine, I also build successfully in GitHub Actions, and it works in Netlify when we manually clear the cache but not via a hook.

hi @boringmoney

Can you share more details on the job that runs every 15 minutes? How is that implemented?

It uses a hook. It’s nothing fancy, cron job that calls the hook.

Thats not the issue, even running a deploy from Netlify web, results in failure unless we clear the cache first.

I’ve had to resort to using Github Actions to build this site and deploy it to Netlify. Which incidentally has no issues.

We have this problem on both our Dev and Production versions that are on Netlify.

This appeared suddenly and we are unable to deploy via Netlify - we can deploy by building in other platforms, but netlify will only deploy when we clear cache.

I need some kind of steer on what to look for in this - I have both a support ticket and this thread and I am getting nothing back from Netlify on both.

fwiw I see the same issue started happening around the same time. no changes to the site. so it’s probably not isolated issue @boringmoney

So we have had some success today - The issue is something to do with Gatsby’s cache. We have had to add an additional command to our Package.Json, so that it does ‘Gatsby Clean’ in advance of the Npm build… So in our case, we have

“build-web”: “lerna bootstrap && cd web && gatsby clean && npm run build”,

The site is now building again and we continue to monitor.

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Hi @boringmoney thanks or sharing that insight. We appreciate the feedback

thanks. that fixed my issue too.

yay :netliconfetti: glad to hear it