Unable to deploy from different root / Page not found


I’m unable to deploy my site. My index.html isn’t in the root folder but in a ‘build’ folder so I changed my Base Directory to ‘/build/’ but it’s still not working. Can I get assistance please?

hi @1000martians, are you using a SSG (static site generator) or other site that needs to be built, or are you only serving html files?

If the latter is the case, try changing the publish directory to the directory where your index.html resides:

If you are using an SSG and building your site, can you let us know whether there are build errors in your deploy log please?

Thanks for your help! I’m just serving HTML files. I’ve linked the repo to the OP if you didn’t see it. My index.html file is in a ‘build’ directory so I changed the publish directory to it as you stated. It’s been 5 minutes and it’s still not working.

Sorry, I’m new to all of this!

can you submit an updated screenshot of your netlify settings now you’ve updated the build dir i our UI, please? No apologies necessary - it’s a lot to take in at first, but we’re excited you are trying netlify!


Hi there just pinging you

hi there, i just pulled up your site and it seems to have content - congrats! Seems like you fixed things yourself somehow :slight_smile: