CRA in a repo's subfolder

trying to deploy a CRA that is not in the home directory of a repo

it is on the branch ‘bushbass_frontend’
It looks like it deploys but I get

Page Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site

thanks in advance for any help

*** URL -
*** build log

*** build settings screenshot

Hiya @bushbass!

Take a look at this guide about how to debug unexpected 404’s. TL;DR you probably have no /index.html in your deploy:

I took a quick look at your last deploy and it seems to be the source code for your project. Perhaps you mean to have a base directory set, to frontend/bushbass_frontend ? Looks to me like that may be where you want to start the build…

I had the base directory set, I figured out that I did not have the publish directory set, but it is working now. thanks

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Hi, @bushbass. Thank you for following up to share the solution. :+1:

This is very helpful for other peoples searching the site for solutions and also for our support team so we know if the advice we give is actually helpful or not.

Thanks again for closing the loop on this!