Ultimate slow images loading speed

Loading speed for images very slow.

For example, 2.7mb image takes 20.08 seconds to load.
How can this be fixed?

Domain: https://zen-varahamihira-84ad19.netlify.app/


Your website doesn’t load for me. This is how it looks:

Try again please. The site is loading, but very slow. I do not know why

Also you can try with that domain: https://omb-shop.com/

I don’t really see a problem. The only thing taking some time is this:


But the rest of the page is being slowed down because you’ve some main.mov file which takes 26 seconds!

You need to submit the request ID for the slow response so the support team can check it for you. It can be found here:


@Tvarinsky I’m not seeing a main-m.jpg in your source code. I am seeing a main.jpg, but it seems to be loading fine.