Trouble setting up a custom domain name buyed through Netlify. Stuck on "Waiting on DNS propagation"


I have troubles accessing my website using a custom domain name bought throught Netlify.

I’ve bought and configured my site ( to use the custom domain (bought through Netlify) on the 05/28/2020. Since then, on my domain management panel, the domain is still showing “Waiting on DNS propagation”. Is there additional configuration than I need to in order to be able to access my website through this domain?

In the DNS settings panel, it appears that “No DNS records set up yet.”. While I do have the possibility to “Add a new record”, I have no idea if this is necessary and how I would configure it. I was thinking that this part would be setup automatically.

Looking through similar posts on the community board, it seems that sometimes sites “get into a weird state” :man_shrugging:

Any guidance would be very appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve removed the custom domain and added it back.
This time it actually automatically created the corresponding DNS records and I can finally access my website through the custom domain name.

great. glad it is working now. DNS can be a tricky beast.

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