Trigger SFTP upload after build

We have a headless WordPress site, that was now rebuilt with Gatsby. This site lives in a subfolder of our main site (WordPress site). What we are trying to achieve is, that our gatsby site gets uploaded into the subfolder every time it gets rebuilt on Netlify.

Is this something that is possible, or is there a way that I didn’t think about to have a subfolder of our domain linked to a netlify deploy?

Before you ask: unfortunately we cannot have this site on a subdomain.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi @jakeherp, is your intention to serve the site on Netlify or just to serve it on your Wordpress server? I ask because Netlify is not meant to be only a build system. I suggest you review our TOS as well. The intended usecase for Netlify is as a website host that also provides the CD, CDN and other services that you would need to host a static site on Netlify. We also don’t provide any tools to transfer files out of the build environment, so if you did this, you would have to provide them. Beyond that, there is nothing technically preventing you from making a connection and sending files out over it during your build process.