Translated form success page redirects twice

Hi folks :wave:

I’ve just launched my site at, and quickly added a Icelandic version at The services form on the page is the same on both languages, labels have simply been translated to Icelandic. After submitting, the form should redirect to /thanks/ on the English version, and /is/takk/ on the Icelandic one. The English version works as expected, but after submitting a form on the Icelandic site the user is directed to /is/takk/, and then immediately redirected again to the English success page at /thanks/.

Can someone explain why this happens? Is it perhaps not possible to have the same form direct to two different success pages?

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hi there, does the form have the same name in both versions? if yes, then this is likely the problem! Can you try renaming one form and see if that works better?


Thanks @perry, this worked right away :slight_smile:

It also just makes more sense to have seperate forms for seperate languages.

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