Transfert domaine from old host but keeping mail boxes at the old host


Make pointing to the netlify website under




I have a domain at ionos ( pointing on an old wordpress website. I want that this domain point now on the website id : 2b0f5498-b396-4cee-9259-5f50d889915f at netlify
On Ionos, I have mails boxes that I want to keep on ionos after the new pointing.

I read on the doc that in this config, it’s better to use instead of only . Ok for us no problem.
If the website is down during 1 day or 2, not problem. We just need the website live for sunday 23.

Can you give me the steps to do it without lost mail boxes on ionos and having the or/and on netlify


Hi @dbconception

If you would like to keep email with IONOS and have served by Netlify, the simplest thing to do is configure the domain using external configuration

All you will need to do is set the A/CNAME records as described in the documentation above and there is no need to change any other DNS records (including MX records.)

And yes, unless IONOS supports ALIAS, ANAME, or flattened CNAME records for the apex, the advice is to use the www subdomain as the primary domain.

If you have any further questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to reply.

Ok I will process in few minutes. Don’t care of the last mail I sent using the form on the netlify website :slight_smile:

I have two questions.

1- I am trying to add the CNAME record but I get this error message :

That I can translate by :
"A CNAME record can only be defined for a sub domain. To create an alias of your main domain, go to Redirection page : "
here the screenshot of the Redirection page translated in english :

What must i do :slight_smile: ?

  1. Must I follow " Configure an apex domain" section of your link after having followed the " Configure a subdomain" section ?

For my first question, I process what mt old host tell me and fill the form of my second screenshot.

Then, I followed what Luke of the netlify team tell me by mail :

I would recommend using these instructions:

Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

To point the domain to Netlify the following two DNS record should be created with your current DNS service. To be clear, you do not need to use Netlify DNS. You can just create the records below and continue to use your existing DNS service:		1800	IN	A	1800	IN	CNAME

Please also delete these two A records:		3600	IN	A	3600	IN	A

The IP address is not controlled by Netlify so if you do not delete them, it will cause problems with the web hosting.

There is one more step (and it is already complete). You must also add the domains above to the sites custom domain setting page. This is, again, already completed and this can be confirmed here:

Netlify App

Once the DNS records above exist (and the A records are deleted), you can provision the SSL certificate automatically by clicking the “Verify DNS configuration” button on the bottom of the custom domain settings page (the link just above).

If you create the DNS records first and click the button after, the site should be working in within one hour. I say “one hour” because the time to live (TTL) values in the current A records are 3600 seconds (which is one hour). It is the TTL of the previous, not the current DNS record, that controls the time the records are cached.

If you have any follow-up questions, let’s talk about it over in the Netlify Support Forums. In return for support for our Starter plan customers, we ask that this is performed in a public setting so other Netlify developers can benefit from our discussion. Remember – no question goes unanswered.

Our staff, trusted Netlify Pilots and other developers will be on-hand to help.

Hey there, :wave:

Thanks for coming back and sharing the solution. Glad you are unblocked now!