Transferring ownership of Github repositories connected to Netlify

I’ve recently moved over a client’s website from my netlfiy account to theirs.
I would like to do the same with the GitHub repository but am wondering if doing so would take down the website.

Are there any best practices for transferring the repository ownership of a website connected to Netlify?

Hi @SStan-prog :wave:t6: ,

Transferring a GitHub repository ownership will not cause down time on your sites. You’ll need to update the repository settings on Netlify. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Transfer the repository to the new owner following GitHub’s instructions: Transfer the repository.
  2. After transferring the repository, push a commit to trigger a deploy and send the updated settings to Netlify
  3. If the repository link needs to be updated in Netlify, follow the instructions in the documentation: Change linked Git repository.

If your clients using Continuous Deployment from there they can just relink their repo.

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