Transaction declined upon adding payment method

I’m trying to add credit card so I can activate analytics on my site. But everytime I add my card I get transaction declined error. I’ve got GATEWAY_REJECTED at first and now Fraud Suspected (maybe because of the too many retries idk). My card is Visa and 100% working and I’m sure I’ve added the informations correctly, I’ve even tried to create new virtual card, but still got this last error bellow. Can you help?

  "success" : false,
  "processId" : "BF3A2A21EEA271E7",
  "reasons" : [ {
    "code" : 52000099,
    "message" : "Transaction declined.<br>2014 - Processor Declined - Fraud Suspected"
  } ]

Hi, @lubomirblazekcz. We recommend contacting the company that issues the card to find out more about why the transaction was declined. We don’t have this information so contacting that card company is the only way to learn more about this.