Credit card transaction declined


Every time I add any credit card to my pro account, I keep getting transaction declined. Now my site is shut down and there is no way in getting email from netlify. My business is going down and I can’t do anything . Please help now. I have tried lierally everything. Please help now.

Netlify Pro user

Hi thanks for reaching out! I have sent your query to our helpdesk.

Hi SamO,

Because the transaction declines and the month cycle is up I cannot receive any new emails to my current email Id. Is there a way for me to fix this. I am using a custom domain email id and not the regular one as that of What is the best way for the support team to reach out.

They will follow up with the email you wrote in with.

But currently that email id is down since the domain down, Is there a way for them contact us. I can’t receive any email or send any email. I did try sending through another email to get in touch with them

@mohinish I see that we were able to get in contact with you via another email address. If you have follow-up questions in the meantime feel free to respond in that ticket.