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Timescale database partner support


Please add Timescale (PostgresDB) as databse partner for backends.


Hi @ronlobo,

Sorry for being a bit upfront, but such a thing might take time - way more than most of the features. Netlify currently does not offer any backend databases, so in that sense it would probably help to add support for one, but in most cases, Netlify Functions and using an external database helps users get the job done.

I’m not saying this would never happen, but just wanted to be clear that if you’re waiting for this to exist, it might take a lot of time.

Hi @hrishikesh,

Thanks for your quick and honest response.
I’ll check the docs further to see what’s possible.

The use case would be to run a Timescale DB on AWS and connect to it via VPC.

From the docs I can see that Timescale only supports connections through Psql. You might be able to support this in the following way:

  1. Setup a docker container, etc. somewhere in which you can run the required connection.
  2. Setup an API which you can use using JS or Go.
  3. Write Netlify Functions to connect to that Docker instance and the API you develop.

Definitely not the way you were looking for, but the only way it might work for the time-being, unless you are open to switch to a different database platform which can support direct connections using JS or Go.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m looking into using Rust on Netlify functions as described here netlify/rust-functions-example

Hi @ronlobo,

While yes, Rust is supported, there’s still no official declaration of the feature being available and there might be some things that are not correctly working. I’m not asking you to not use it, but note that there’s no real documentation or support resources available for Rust yet - the reason why I didn’t suggest it with Go and JS.

Thanks, will keep that in mind.

Is Rust support feature declaration and documentation actively in progress?

While yes, the team is testing and working towards it, I am not sure if I can make any promises from the developer’s side of things. They might change or drop their plans as they see fit.

The only way I can say it’s officially supported is when the developers are ready to publicly post about the feature. Till then, it’s always might/might not situation.