This function has crashed, Netlify error

I have a site When I open it, some times I see this weird error message.

When I refresh the page, the error goes away. I don’t know what’s causing it. Can someone help?

Hi :wave:t6:, welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out!

Right now edge functions are in Beta and at times may not be reliably stable Environment variables | Edge Functions on Netlify

Please give the doc a read as it may answer any outstanding questions.

The app is written in Svelte using @sveltejs/adapter-netlify version ^1.0.0-next.45. I don’t think we are using edge functions. Could there be some other reason for this?

Hi, :wave:t6: scratch that your site isn’t using edge functions so that’s not relevant to you.

I looked into this and I noticed you have some errors in your function log so perhaps that gives you a clue?

If not there was a previous issue where intermittent function crash errors were found when using svelte. You can also try a workaround where you pin your package.json to an older version.