This edge function has crashed (Hydrogen)

I am building a Hydrogen site on Netlify using this starter: GitHub - netlify/hydrogen-netlify-starter: Get started with Hydrogen on Netlify

I have the starter set up and deployed fine. However, I also want to use this dependency: OverlayScrollbars/packages/overlayscrollbars-react at master · KingSora/OverlayScrollbars · GitHub

When I add it in to my app and deploy to Netlify I receive the error:

This edge function has crashed
An unhandled error in the function code triggered the following message:
The deployment failed while serving the request.

6:09:01 AM: ReferenceError: Node is not defined
    at file:///root/.netlify/edge-functions/handler/index.js:127:530

By example, I created a new app using only create-react-app and OverlayScrollbars here:

You will see this works fine.

As I’ve mentioned in the helpdesk:

By taking a quick glance at the mentioned dependency, it doesn’t seem to support Deno, it seems to support only Node.js.

You need to confirm if the library you mentioned supports Deno, if not, it won’t work.