Switch from Stripe test to live keys throwing errors

Hi there, today I’ve attempted to make the switch from my Stripe TEST to my Stripe LIVE API keys.

Unfortunately I’m getting errors thrown when trying to build. This doesn’t happen with my test keys and after contacting Stripe they seem to believe there might be an additional step I’ve missed somewhere.

I have the keys as environmental variables and the test keys are working perfectly hosted on Netlify

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

*Edit- The error, graphql cant use allStripeSku due to not having access .

 'Cannot query field "allStripeSku" on type "Query". Did you mean "allSite"?',
locations: [ [Object] ] } ]

Error: [ { GraphQLError: Cannot query field “allStripeSku” on type “Query”. Did you mean “allSite”?

Hi, @DianneRowe, and welcome to our Netlify community site. We’re happy to research this to see if can find the root cause of this.

Would you please send us a link to the deploy logs in the Netlify web app where this is happening?

Hi Luke, after spending the few days talking to Stripe I’ve discovered the issues, will post them here in the off chance they help someone in the future but this was a Stripe issue 100% and Netlify is working fantastically as always.

The issue was related to my products being created in “test mode” rather then live, because of this graphql was querying allStripeSku which had no data in it.

After discovering that I was attempting to create new products but had limited options for creation for some reason, again after lots of investigation the checkout settings were the culprit, I had Checkout client-only integration enabled.

Thanks, feel free to remove this thread if you don’t think this is applicable to Netlify.

Hi DianneRowe! Super glad you figured out what was up, we were scratching our heads a bit for this one.

We’d love to have you share the solution - I am sure this will come up again, and it’d really help out other people.