Sveltekit ISR support?

Hi Team, just wondering if support for ISR in Sveltekit apps is on the roadmap yet?

As far as i’m aware this is a massive dealbreaker for SK devs when deciding where to deploy (Many devs I know are forced to use Vercel since the feature is not framework agnostic). It would be awesome to have this covered by Netlify and would minimise Vercel’s dominance over Sveltekit DX

Warm wishes as always :netliheart:

I’m afraid, this isn’t something a platform (in this case Netlify or Vercel) adds support for. The platform provides the feature, but the framework decides to use and implement it. Netlify already has On Demand Builders which frameworks need to make use of in order to add this functionality. We officially maintain adapters for Next.js and Gatsby and have added those features already. Any other framework like Remix, SvelteKit, Nuxt, etc. write and maintain their own adapters, and need to add platform-specific features themselves.

For example, check out this issue: Add incremental static regeneration · Issue #661 · sveltejs/kit · GitHub. SvelteKit had to add support for Vercel’s ISR specific features. I believe if enough people requested, they would add similar support for Netlify’s On Demand Builders as well. We can possibly help them implement it, but that’s as far as I know for now.