Question - timeline to support on-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) on Netlify?

Next 12.1.0 was released in the last few days and it provides support for On-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR): Next.js 12.1 | Next.js. Obviously this is a very recent change so completely reasonable that it’s not yet supported by Netlify’s Essential Next.js plugin but I’d love to know whether you have a rough timeline for supporting that on-demand ISR feature. Massive thanks in advance for any answer you’re able to provide, and have a wonderful start to the week!

PS: I’m assuming that Netlify doesn’t currently support this feature as I’ve implemented it in a Next.js project that’s currently in development and can see it working locally. The project is deployed on Netlify and while the new API endpoint executes on Netlify and returns a successful response (I can see it run within the “Functions” view for my site in the Netlify backend), it doesn’t actually trigger a revalidation/rebuild for the specified page(s). As such, I imagine there are some Netlify platform or plugin updates that will be required before this feature is fully supported - please let me know if that’s not the case though and there is an existing method to get on-demand ISR working on Netlify. A huge thanks for all the great work you all do, and any light you can shed on this!


Hey @JoG,

At the moment, that feature would need some platform-level support and the plugin alone can’t do much. Thus, we don’t have a timeline as such but we would follow up if we’ve any updates.


Just to confirm, this is something you are actively working on, correct?

hi there! I can share that yes, we are actively working on a solution to achieve on-demand ISR. I can’t share more details or even a tentative timeline at the moment, but we will absolutely be posting about it as we get closer.


Hi Team,
Do we have any updates on this?

Thanks in Advance.

Unfortunately, not at the moment @VijayT.

Commenting as a way to track the status here. Have been trying on-demand revalidation out this week only to realize it’s not supported yet on Netlify. Patiently waiting :slight_smile:


adding my voice, for this feature that will scale our app development and decrease unnecessary build trigger to update fraction of our app pages.

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Seconding this request. On-Demand ISR looks like a GREAT feature. Any updates for us, Netflify team?

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Nothing too concrete or celebration-worthy at the moment @Zetrick, but this is on our short-term roadmap - something that our teams have been working on.


Much looking forward to this!

In our case we allow users to publish and edit notes with a native app + a NextJS web app for the published notes to be accessed by anyone. Being able to trigger invalidation this way is critical for us to ensure the Next app always serves fresh published content after a user edits it in the app. We’re almost ready to release though only understood recently Netlify didn’t support manual ISR just yet… fingers crossed! Will be exploring alternative hosting options until then :confused:

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Thank you for elaborating here, @daformat! I have sent your feedback directly to our product team.

I just pushed code for on-demand incremental static regeneration (ISR) to the platform today–all excited. But then I was disappointed to see it didn’t work.

Netlify is awesome. I’m sure you guys are working on supporting this. Looking forward to it.

This remains one of our top priorities at the moment and are working hard towards adding this functionality.


Been another month here. As this is now on the short-term roadmap, any chance of a timeline?

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I don’t have a timeline, but this is something we are working on releasing in the future.

It’s been a year later since this post. Any updates or a timeline to support on-demand ISR? Thanks!


@theooog , thank you for asking about the timeline for on-demand ISR support! Our team is still working on this. We’ll update you here once we know more.

:pleading_face: ah, I hate that feeling you get when you find a thread titled with your exact question, just hoping that near the bottom of the thread it will say something like:

We now support on-demand ISR…

…but here I am writing yet another request for this feature. If you’re a developer reading this then I truly hope there is a comment below this with positive news for you! :crossed_fingers:

I was hoping not to do this as I’m enjoying using Netlify, but I think I’ll have to move over to Vercel for this.


Hey all, I don’t work for Netlify so take this with a hefty pinch of salt, but I think it could be coming soon.

v4.33.0 of their nextjs runtime includes “refresh hooks api implementation” in the release notes. That line links to this PR, where the stated purpose is to “implement on-demand revalidation with the Next Runtime”.

Netlify folks, I apologise if my interpretation is incorrect. If it’s not incorrect, then please take this as an excited reminder to update the docs :wink:

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