Question - timeline to support on-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) on Netlify?

Next 12.1.0 was released in the last few days and it provides support for On-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR): Blog - Next.js 12.1 | Next.js. Obviously this is a very recent change so completely reasonable that it’s not yet supported by Netlify’s Essential Next.js plugin but I’d love to know whether you have a rough timeline for supporting that on-demand ISR feature. Massive thanks in advance for any answer you’re able to provide, and have a wonderful start to the week!

PS: I’m assuming that Netlify doesn’t currently support this feature as I’ve implemented it in a Next.js project that’s currently in development and can see it working locally. The project is deployed on Netlify and while the new API endpoint executes on Netlify and returns a successful response (I can see it run within the “Functions” view for my site in the Netlify backend), it doesn’t actually trigger a revalidation/rebuild for the specified page(s). As such, I imagine there are some Netlify platform or plugin updates that will be required before this feature is fully supported - please let me know if that’s not the case though and there is an existing method to get on-demand ISR working on Netlify. A huge thanks for all the great work you all do, and any light you can shed on this!


Hey @JoG,

At the moment, that feature would need some platform-level support and the plugin alone can’t do much. Thus, we don’t have a timeline as such but we would follow up if we’ve any updates.


Just to confirm, this is something you are actively working on, correct?

hi there! I can share that yes, we are actively working on a solution to achieve on-demand ISR. I can’t share more details or even a tentative timeline at the moment, but we will absolutely be posting about it as we get closer.