Suspicious Location oin Analytics

Hi Team,

I opened a site yesterday on Netlify and added analytics feature today.
and I saw there were access from some locations such as US, Germany, France, etc. and also, the number of visitors were so many. PV was 149 and UV was 68.
However, I’ve never share my Netify URL with others. I just tested some device in my country, South Korea.

Do you happen to know what happens here?

Hi, I’m not sure because I don’t know what site you are referring to so I can check. Can you share your site name/slug to investigate.

Hi Sam,

Please see below.


So after reviewing the site’s data, we’re not seeing the country codes UV or PV you mentioned in your data. If you like, we can open and ticket and you can send us more information via the helpdesk.

Additionally, what countries are PV and UV supposed to be?

Please note that can view your analytics data here: Netlify App