[Support Guide] Why do DNS / SSL changes take up to 48 hours to propagate? (TTL)

Completely new to all of this, but it makes sense. I’m still confused, however. Why it’s taking 24hrs already to point the name servers from namecheap to netlify, when I don’t have a site yet. There’s no need to wait for the cache to expire.

In short, all ISPs and providers between us, NS1, your registrar, Let’s Encrypt, and you, need to be aware of the changes. This is the process which can take time and, regrettably, we’re at the mercy of these intermediaries to determine how quick it happens!

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Thanks Pie! So all I need to do is

  1. go to your domain registrar and change your domain’s nameservers to the following custom host names assigned to your DNS zone. (which I’ve done)
  2. Be patient :slight_smile:

Exactly that! Usually within a couple of hours, the DNS/SSL sections within the Netlify UI will suddenly ‘just work’ :tada:

Sorry, me again
what does this mean

have the DNS changes taken place
but in my Netlify UI is still see this

Hi, @ck1ldn. You are seeing a “start of authority” or SOA record for the DNS zone. DNS servers send SOA records when they don’t have an answer for a query but do have a DNS zone configured for the apex domain in question.

On other words, the DNS lookup couldn’t find the A record so it sent the SOA for the zone instead.

I’ve looked at the DNS zone for this custom domain at Netlify and there are no A records (or NETLIFY type records) configured for this zone. NETLIFY type DNS records are special “alias” records our service uses and you can find more information about them in this support guide.

If you add an apex domain to a site (or some subdomain of that apex), Netlify DNS will automatically create the NETLIFY type records needed. Because this hasn’t been done for any sites, there are no NETLIFY records.

I also don’t see any sites on the account where this domain is configured. So, step one will be to deploy your site. Once the site is deployed, then you can add the custom domain to the site using these instructions:


If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know where I went wrong, well after you told me :slight_smile: and what I didn’t understand :slight_smile: All up and running and site is live. Just need to tinker around with it.


Hi, @ck1ldn. Thanks for letting us know it is working now and thanks as well for letting us know if our suggestions were helpful or not. (The feedback helps!) :smiley: