[Support Guide] What data is being collected and shared when using the CLI with Netlify Create?

We track general usage information, including CLI commands being invoked and non-user-specific command-line arguments, SSG and CMS names, number of occurred errors, etc. We use these metrics to better understand the usage patterns and improve the CLI.

Specifically, we collect the following information:

  • Command invoked (e.g., init or validate).
  • Timestamp of the event.
  • Stackbit CLI for Netlify Create versions and SDK versions.
  • Node.js and OS versions.
  • Anonymous user ID - this is generated once using UUID and stored in the global config at ~/.config/stackbit-cli/config.json.
  • The analyzed SSG and CMS name, and the number of the generated models in case of the init command.
  • The number of validation errors, and the number of validated files in case of the validate command.
  • One-way hashes of the input directory and the git remote.