Netlify Create (Stackbit) Login Update

Ever since Stackbit joined Netlify in August last year, we’ve been focused on providing a more seamless and feature-rich experience for our customers. Today, we’re excited to announce a major step in this direction: simplifying your access. You’ll no longer need to log into multiple platforms, to harness the full power of Netlify’s Composable Platform. Here’s what you need to know about this change:

  • When is the change happening? January 24, 2024

  • Who is affected by this change? All Stackbit users registered before January 24, 2024

  • What do I need to do? If you don’t have a user on Netlify, please create one in Remember to use a log in/sign up method that is associated with your Netlify Create email address.

  • What else do I need to know? Your organization, projects, teams, and settings, will remain the same and accessible from the same location in the application as until today. However, ‘Organizations’ are being renamed to ‘Teams’, and ‘Teams’ are being renamed to ‘User groups’ for consistency across the platform.

For organizations login with SSO

When browsing to Netlify Create, you will now be redirected to Netlify’s log in page where you will be able to log in the same way as today, no additional changes are required on your end at this time. Just click “Log in with Netlify Create SSO” (The bottom link in the screenshot below)

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about this change.

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