[Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”

sorry @luke i don’t understood exacly what you are asking :d, i’m a beginner but i found the exacly the same issue in the stack overflow that describes very well my doubt Stack Overflow Question I did what the answer said but doenst worked.

Hi, @flityzz. I don’t know the answer either to be honest. Our support team has a limited scope of support for the assistance that we provide. I mention this because while our support team cannot troubleshoot the site code itself (which is third-party code), someone else here on the community site might. Our support team can troubleshoot Netlify specific issues but not third-party code issues. We could troubleshoot if the issue was caused by Netlify but that isn’t the case here.

Again, I want to be clear that your question is welcome even if our support team won’t be able to answer it. The answer in that Stack Overflow post appears to be written by the illustrious @talves so maybe he will have input into your example as well.

The site itself no longer exists I see. I believe the repository for this site is public isn’t it @flityzz? If so, you might also post the repo URL here for others to look at.

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@flityzz you should start with: vue create hello-world

This will show you how a vue project gets scaffold to include all your assets into a dist folder on build. You should be able to pick most of the default options to get a clean project.


@luke Thanks for the reply, here is my repository: https://github.com/flityzz/discord-vue

As @talves said, I should have started my project with ‘vue create [project]’, instead I created it with ‘vue webpack-simple’. The Vue webpack-simple template does not create a finished build folder. It assumes you will be hosting your site from the root of the project. so thanks anyways for the replies

UPDATE: actually, your stack overflow answer worked! thanks, i was forgetting to commit the netlify.toml file to the repository, so i added the file and it worked! thanks @luke and @talves

@talves deserves all the credit on this one! :+1:

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Hi everyone,
I need help because Netlify says Site is live but cannot find it. I have read your suggestions above and downloaded a copy of the deploy but cannot read anything from there (because I am not familiar with this process) can you help me to find the website please?

@mathieujulien99 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Please provide your Netlify site name, domains, and other information when you post. The better the post = the faster we can help!

Site name: Island Tribes Challenges
Site domain: islandtribeschallenges.com
URL: https://www.islandtribeschallenges.com/


@mathieujulien99 OK, after your download a copy of your deploy, you will find a file called something like deploy-5f6fafe4f8986e0008994f3d.zip.

You unZIP this file (AKA unarchive), which typically can be done by double-clicking it. This will result in a new folder in the same directory as the ZIP file with the same name as the ZIP file, but without the .zip file extension.

Open the new folder.

Inside, you should see your site files. If you see only another folder, or a bunch of files without one named index.html, that’s your problem. You MUST have an index.html file at the top level of your site for your site to load when people visit your domain URL.

If your main index.html file is inside a folder, you need to figure out how to build / deploy your site so that your site files, including especially your main index.html file, are at the top level, not hidden inside a folder.

If you see only a folder inside your site folder, you should be able to see your site by going to https://www.islandtribeschallenges.com/foldername/.

Hi Greg, thank you for your help and patience.
I have followed your instructions carefully.
But I don’t receive the index.html among the other folders when download the zip file,
and this even when I do other deploy trials with other templates.

mathieujulien99 Then you know what you need to fix. Somehow, you need your build process to generate an index.html file at the top level of your website.

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domain: https://sixtomidnight.productions

I’m using a branch deploy of staging to test out a the example form element and on submit it’s hitting me with “404 page not found”… Does the form need to be on the production branch?

no, forms can be on any branch, this is likely resulting from something else.

Do you have an index page for that domain?

domain : nervous-curie-686902.netlify.app

The build works on my computer but it doesn’t on Netlify

Hey there, thanks for reaching out.

What you are describing sounds a bit like a an issue with case sensitivity on our system.

Can you give this a read through and let us know if that fixes the issue?

I’m having this same problem. I’ve written a React application. I have an index.html file in my public folder which is where I set the publish directory. Deploy says successful but I get 404. netlify.toml has rewrite as shown in docs. Help please :slight_smile: thanks!

Ok, now I am not getting the page not found message, but I get a blank screen. This is not making any sense. Builds fine locally. I’ve changed my file structure(which is why I’m not getting page not found anymore) but still no joy.