Support for next-i18next

The Essential Next.js build plugin now supports next-i18next by default – no extra config needed. If you’re not familiar with it, next-18next manages translation of your content in a Next.js app by providing a few React hooks & Higher-Order Components. The package grabs translated strings from the files in your public/locales directory and displays them on the correct language route. The package works with Next’s own internationalized routing to help you build a more complete internationalized site.

You can use next-i18next by including the locale files in your public directory ( public/locales/** ) and creating a next-i18next.config.js file in your project’s root.

The next-i18next.config.js file contains information about the locales you support.

// next-i18next.config.js
module.exports = {
  i18n: {
    defaultLocale: 'en',
    locales: ['en', 'fr'], // Supports English and French
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