Super slow load times

Just built a very tiny, full of best practices landing page for a company and launched. However, there are a lot of huge performance issues, despite having 100% lighthouse scores on everything, except for performance (60% average)
The netlify domain is:

There is only 1 image on the entire page, it’s only 400px wide and is optimized with webp… Theres no way in the world that the load time should be above 10 seconds. (Getting anywhere between 10 and 25 second initial load times) Usually super confident deploying small client projects on Netlify…

Earlier, I was getting over 10 seconds TTFB, but can’t seem to get that issue again. Though, it still feels like TTFB is over 10 seconds.


Would really appreciate some help/feedback with these issues.

Hey there,

There’s several things which could be at play here. I see that that request is using your custom domain. As such, we can decipher that this site is using GoDaddy’s DNS. This could be a contributing factor so I’d implore you to test again with your URL.

Performing the same test with the URL, I could achieve the following:

As such, I’d be looking at GoDaddy’s DNS as the source of the shortcoming. There may be alternate providers out there who are capable of achieving the performance seen above. Perhaps Netlify? :roll_eyes:

@HarleySalas Did you fix this? The page loads for me in 151ms here in Arizona.